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Designs by Jae
Freelance Artist

Hand Painted Mailboxes, Rustic Signs, Sawblades and SO much MORE!

to my website.  I have included  samples of my artwork on this website, but it only shows a fraction of what is possible. Most of the items on this site were painted to order. So, if you are interested in say, airplanes or daffodils and do not see a sample on my site or if my sample does not fully reflect your needs, please just let me know as I paint to suit.
If you are
pressed for time and just want to view some samples of my work, please, click the link to the left entitled "Virtual Kiosk" and samples will pass by as a virtual slide show.
Grab a cup of tea, find a comfy chair and browse. I hope you enjoy the
visit. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

 A little Chickodee sings a welcoming song to Fall.
8x10 canvas
acrylic painting
lovely fall colors













Is it a mailbox or a Peterbilt, only the mailman knows for sure! This sample design is one of my latest mailboxes. The customer requested a black Peterbilt with a grain trailer. View other images of this mailbox as well as other designs by clicking the links to the left of each page.


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