Designs by Jae
Freelance Artist
Requested Sample Designs
The designs to the left are designs requested by you, my customer. If you do not see the design you requested on this page, please check back in a couple of days. I may not have processed the picture yet but will upload the design as soon as I do. If you do not see it within a week, please send me an email by clicking on this link:   Thank you for your interest in my artwork.

These Items below are on order, they include a soft tail Harley motorcycle. Please note that the pictures were taken before the varnish was applied to eliminate glare. The room sign will have a pink beaded hanger when done.

Whatever sign with pansies and butterflies


Harley Soft tail Welcome Sign

Harley Soft Tail

Painted Nautica Star

Woodburned Nautical Star

Child's Room Sign

Siamese Cats ..Cats don't have owners, they have STAFF! sign


The neatest project I have been asked to do lately is this ukelele.... The top side quotes Phill 4:13 "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" I placed "Who Strengthens Me" intentionally on the end of the instrument so it can be not only a part of the verse, but perhaps a door opener as a question someone may ask...Who Strengthens Me... an opportunity to share witness with each strum of the ukelele.
The backside has the verse from Mark Twain and the image of Babe the Blue Ox with Paul Bunyon. 
I will place the engineer logo by the keys on the bridge and the fallen soldiers on the front by the butt end (large open area). The Airborne logo will go on the side after the scripture unless you wish it elsewhere.
I can place some "ox tracks" connecting the text on the backside.
I posted these images prior to completion because I will need to seal them before I start the front of the instrument.


The above images were painted from this sample picture.


These small robins nestle on a branch with sweet flowers. These are a sample image I created for a customer. I will be adding more types of birds and designs over the next couple of weeks.

The mailbox below is painted with a halloween theme.

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