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For Sale Kurzweil RG200 digital piano as new condition

About these digital pianos:

For over a decade, Kurzweil's keyboards have been used by many of the world's finest musicians, like Stevie Wonder, Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles, and others. With a Kurkweil keyboard, you're never limited to just the sound of a grand piano; you also have access to dozens of lifelike sounds, from organs and electric pianos to  the instruments of

a symphony orchestra plus a superb selection of drum and percussion instruments and high quality built-in effects for lifelike concert hall sound.

Every Kurzweil Digital Piano includes a premium audio system designed in cooperation with Boston Acoustics, resulting in a level of audio clarity and realism never heard before in a digital piano. Of course, Mark Series digital pianos will never go out of tune; there are no strings to stretch, no warped soundboards to worry about, no expensive piano tuners to call. You can actually tune the entire keyboard to any other instrument or transpose to play in any key with the touch of a button. Every Kurzweil also has full MIDI capabilities, meaning you can connect them to a computer, recording system or additional sound modules or use MIDI to access hundreds of software programs that teach you to play, add new songs (via the built-in disk drives) or even notate and print your own music.

If you're looking for Kurzweil quality in a remarkably affordable package, look no further than the RG-Series Digital Pianos. Pure Sound. Pure Pleasure. Pure Inspiration. The RG-100 offers the outstanding realism of Kurzweil's legendary grand pianos, plus dynamic electric piano, lush string section and powerful pipe organ. There are even more great sounds and features in the enhanced RG-200 model, like a built-in recorder/sequencer, 32-note polyphony, MIDI, digital multi-effects, and a high-quality sound system, all in a sleek, modern cabinet.

These instruments are truly the perfect alternative to pianos, because everyone in the family will enjoy playing them - even the kids... and you know what a hassle it used to be to get kids to sit down in front of a piano and play. Now they'll love it because they can make real music the very first time they touch the keys. Learning to play any instrument well takes time. And if you're going to spend time learning, you might as well have fun doing it, right? (Special note to parents: all Kurzweil Digital Pianos have headphone jacks which disconnects the internal speakers, so anyone can play with total privacy any time of the day or night without disturbing others).

For information about this piano, please write to or call 573-775-2162 and ask for Jan

Asking $700 firm for this piano. Seen on other sites in same condition for $1300 and up.
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