Designs by Jae
Freelance Artist
It's All Black and White

Black and White versions of my very popular handmade necklaces:

Item bw001
Features 6 "chains" single thickness of verigated black, white and grey luster (no metallic threads on this one)

Item # bw002
Features 4 double thickness "chains" comprised of one strand each white with silver and black with silver material chained together. (gold is also available in place ofthe  silver if you prefer.)

Item #bw003
Features 7 "chains" single thicknesses
3 of white with silver metallic thread
4 of black with a nice sheen but no metal

Item #bw004
Features 6 "chains" single thickness 
3 of verigated black, white and grey luster
3 of black with a nice luster sheen

Cost for these necklaces: $10 for up to 7 single thickness "chains"
Additional "chains" can be added for $1 ea.

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