Designs by Jae
Freelance Artist
Humourous Signs

"Coca Cola is good, but my marine is excellent!"

"Household 6 the toughest job in the Army!"

"We had to get rid of the kids the dog was allergic!"

"Ring bell for answer...Do it yourself!"

Grampy's Outhouse
Keep the door closed or them chickens'll git in!
Bottom board reads vacant! on one side and Occupied on the other.

An old rooster and a cute chick live here!

Woman Cave

Whatver the voices ...tell me

People who are organized are just too lazy to look for it. (in background) Coffee, Chocolate, Men, the richer the better. and Save time assume I do know it all.
Heavily Sedated for your protection

These are some of the fun signs I have been working on recently.

Raising teenagers is like being pecked to death by a duck.... I have heard this forever, but it was not until I had teenagers of my own that I fully understood it.

LIfe is short  Eat dessert first!   (AMEN SISTER!! LOL)

WARNING! Trespassers will be shot Survivors will be shot again


5 different signs featuring the text:
"Do I look like a People person to you?"
"I drink coffee for your protection"
"Thou shalt not whine!"

If you sprinkle...

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