Designs by Jae
Freelance Artist
Home is where the Army


The chains shown here are longer than they will be on the finished sign. I just wanted to be able to show you a mock up of what this could look like. I can also put a board with your family's name above or below Uncle Sam. The options are up to you!!

***Chain shown here is not attached to the sign yet. I was showing different layouts and neglected to put the chain in the picture above Uncle Sam's shoulders.

Home is where with a flying Uncle Sam on top and wooden houses below for example.

That is just one of the styles I am currently working on. Please, see page two for designs I painted while at FLW.
Most are distressed Americana designs.

I went into Paint and removed the personalization from the top of the sign below until after Christmas. Cost for a sign like the one pictured below: $60.








The sign below is aproximately 6.5" wide with 4" wide slats. It features duty stations with the final board honoring a fallen soldier. Cost for a sign similar to this one is $40. I also make a similar sign that is aproximately 9.75" wide with 9.75" slats. The larger one provides more room for personalization on the slats such as wedding rings, baby footprints, etc. Cost for this size sign with up to 6 duty station is $50. Additional slats for this sized sign can be purchased with the original order for future PCS's at $4 each which includes future personalization.

Sign like the one shown below with up to 6 duty stations : $40

 Price: with up to 6 duty stations $40
This sign features both husband and wife soldiers and the places they were when they made rank






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