Designs by Jae
Freelance Artist
Home is where Part Two


signs tell the world where you have been as a military family. Shown as Army, but can be made for any branch of the service.

This design has all 4" boards
Price: with up to 6 duty stationsĀ $50

1st board features text
"Home is where the Army sends us" with the family name, the unit crest and then below lists family members
Remaining boards show the bases where the family has been stationed.

This design features a 2" board on top with 4' board in center and the remaining boards are 2"

This design featues all 4 inch boardsĀ 
Price: with up to 6 duty stationsĀ $50


Sign shown above has three blank boards that accompany it. They are for future duty assignments. I do not attach the blanks anymore unless the customer requests. The price of the sign includes 6 duty stations. Once these are known, simply place in the mail to me with return postage and I will letter to match the Original sign. I do not charge for lettering them as it was in the original price of the sign, just ask that you pay for shipping both ways.

Pricing for these welcome signs:

2pt welcome signs:    $30
Home is where...

Price for these signs:
 $40 with up to 6 duty stations
 4" x 12" top board and 1" x 12" boards for duty stations.
$45 for the house shaped top with up to 6 duty stations. Top board is approximately 8" tall by 7" wide. Duty stations match the width of the top board.

$60 for the signs with the hearts below

Additional duty stations are $5 each.

Please note that if you choose to order the flag background behind all the parts of your sign, you will want to order some blank boards in order to be able to match the ones I will personalize for you when you are stationed elsewhere.....

So, you ordered the sign, and now are stationed somewhere else, if you ordered the blank upon the original order simply mail the blank board back to me and pay for return shipping and I will personalize your board at no additional cost.

This was one of the original signs I painted. I used to leave the blank boards attached upon delivery, but feel that doing so doesn't look as finished, so now I just send them with the sign (all boards are numbered on the back) for future lettering.

2pt Welcome Signs

This design features a 4 inch board on top and a 6 inch board on bottom

Patriotic family sign
features family name on top with distressed flag then each family member's name is painted on a 2 inch board

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