Designs by Jae
Freelance Artist
Home is where ..MARINE

Although this sign is worded as Home is where the ARMY sends us, It can be made to say whatever you want YOUR sign to say. Write for pricing information.


signs tell the world where you have been as a military family.

Home is where the MARINE CORPS sends us!
This sign features an Eagle, Globe, Anchor Marine Corps logo on the left side of the top board and a bulldog graphic on the right side.

The footprint shown on the second board is for a child who is arriving sometime this year.
(sex unknown)

Price for these signs:
 $40 with up to 6 duty stations
 4" x 12" top board and 1" x 12" boards for duty stations.
$45 for the house shaped top with up to 6 duty stations. Top board is approximately 8" tall by 7" wide. Duty stations match the width of the top board.

$60 for the signs with the hearts below

View other samples below and on the pages labeled Home is where the Army sends us on this site.



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