Designs by Jae
Freelance Artist
Handmade Jewelry

Handcrafted Jewelry
My latest endevour:
Family/Tree of Life Pendants

Chrystal embellishments
Lovely wire wrapped tree
No two ever alike
These make great gifts.
Please, contact me for more information.


Wire wrapped glass beads
Wire Wrapped Rings
accentuated with
Tibetian Silver elements
Murano Beads
Swarovski Chrystals
(No two will ever be identical as these literally are made by hand)

NEW!! Murano Bead Necklaces and
Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Please, excuse the picture quality. Will upload better when possible.

Some images I took tonight with the webcam..still waiting on the camera to come in on the weekend.....
These are some of my wire wrapped rings. Again, please excuse the image quality. If you would like a better image of one you see or of the others I have made (currently I have 25 new ones) please send me an email. My email address is:

More images to upload!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO MANY MORE!


Handmade Necklaces only $10 each!! At this low price, you can afford to buy several to match your outfits. The Threads on most have an iridescence that looks like beads, upon closer examination, it is thread!!! Light, no metal parts, elegant... A MUST have for your accessories.

Black and White selections:

4 necklaces

  black, white and grey variegated

white, black with silver threads

black and white

black, black grey and white variegated

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